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Are you tired of waiting for the dip belt to free up?

Since you are checking out this product, we bet you answered YES. Let’s be honest nothing kills a workout like having to wait for equipment.

Since our goal is to help you reach yours, we decided to take our experience of making accessories and design our own dip belt.

This way you never have to wait around again.
The adjustable chain, extra webbing, and high load capacity (up to 80kg) ensures the BB Dip Belt will stick with your workout after workout.

Size: OS

Material: Webbing in 100% polyamide, internal material rubber, 100% Polypropylene

Features: High load capacity, Adjustable chain, Extra webbing tape can be used instead of chain,
*Can handle 80 kg

Price: $78.00 (NZD)*
or 6 weekly payments of $13.00 click for details
* - Prices are in New Zealand Dollars