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GASP Lifting Belt is extremely soft yet still provides stability and support for most of the lifts in the gym.
Once you put it on, you’ll notice that the leather moves with your body and the more you use it, the more it’ll shape and form with you. This makes the GASP Lifting Belt a lifelong training companion.

The rivets are exchangeable, and we’ve added a heavy buckle with 2 pins and 9 prong holes for the perfect adjustable fit. A solid lifting belt is a given in any GASP Athletes training bag and over the years we’ve perfected a variety of specialty belts for the heaviest loads to this new GASP Lifting Belt which is a belt more suitable for all occasions in the gym. With the help of strong demand and feedback from our community, we see this as a must-have product as most of our athletes benefit from using a general belt that gives great support while reducing the risk of injuries.

XS: 28 – 34” / 70 – 85cm
S: 30 – 38” / 75 – 95cm
M: 32 – 40” / 80 – 100cm
L: 34 – 42” / 85 – 105cm
XL: 36 – 44” / 90 – 110cm

*The measures in the charts show you the span from the tightest prong hole to the widest prong hole
*Waist - Measure around the most narrow part of your waist, keeping the tape horizontal.
*Note - If you are between sizes or fit more than one size, go for the size that reflects your training goal. Are you increasing or decreasing in your body measurements?

"Unlike other new belts you buy that are very stiff and take a while to break-in, this one was the complete opposite, soft, form-fitting but very supportive on my back. Love it!”
- Shaun Clarida

”I’ve used a lot of belts, from a lot of different manufacturers, and I like it. You can tell it's quality, the leather is soft and pliable but doesn’t stretch, providing enough support. The tapered profile makes it comfortable to row and do other exercises that call for a bent-over position.”
- Hunter Labrada

“The belt feels amazing, feels supportive and fitting. Feels like it already has been broken in, but the support and feeling is still brand new.”
- Johnnie Jackson

”Belt felt like it was already broken into, which is awesome, and it’s thicker than a standard leather belt but not like a powerlifting belt which takes forever to break in. So you have the added thickness for back protection with the soft leather makes for a great fit and support for all.” - Guy Cisternino

Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather
Features: Exchangeable rivets, heavy buckle with two pins, 9 prong holes for an adjustable fit, centered GASP embroidery back


Price: $199.00 (NZD)*
or 6 weekly payments of $33.17 click for details

* denotes option out of stock

* - Prices are in New Zealand Dollars