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Monty - Fitness Universe Pro Figure card received 2012

Welcome to  your authorized NZ/AU reseller of Better Bodies and Gasp Apparel and Accessories - imported directly from Sweden (Swedish Fitness Trading AB)

The Better Bodies and Gasp unique apparel range is highly suitable for weightlifters, bodybuilders, gym users, yoga, and fitness athletes.
Beautiful, unique, and functional workout clothing that also doubles as casual streetwear. 

About the owner - Karen (Monty): 

It seems that my whole life has been centered on wearing comfortable clothing. It started from the early days of competitive horse-riding (jodhpurs) to working on the dairy farm (trackies), to working out in the gym (tanks, tee's, tights/leggings, etc.)

We all love to wear clothing that moves with us, looks great, feels nice, breathes, and wears well.
We have all tried many brands over the course of our fitness journey and we have accumulated a lot of gym gear. 

Personally, as soon as I purchased my first Better Bodies Tank (singlet), I was hooked!

Next came the Baggy Soft Pants which were so comfy (plus the leg length was long), and perfect for my 5’7” height. 

Many items later (Hoodies, Long Sleeve tops, Singlets, Tee’s and more Pants & Tights), I very quickly realized that I was only picking out the Better Bodies clothes to wear to the gym, around the house, and I even wear them going to the movies/shopping!

With my brand awareness, I noticed a lot of big-name Bodybuilding men and women wearing the same clothing. Names like Shaun Clarida, Branch Warren, Amanda Latona, Johnnie O Jackson, Tawna Eubanks, Hidetada Yamagishi, Nathalia Melo, Helene Ahlson.....the list goes on!

But let's be honest, you don’t need to be a Pro in the bodybuilding, figure, or fitness worlds to enjoy the benefits of great gym clothing/apparel.

You want style, comfort, and quality.
You want it to look great, function well, and last.

As a Figure competitor that has competed successfully since 2005 at both National & International levels, I understand gym clothing, online shopping, and customer service. I welcome you to the GCNZ website and I hope you will enjoy wearing items from the range. We offer fast and free NZ Nationwide courier with your purchase(s) and will do our best to help you with any questions regarding sizing, fit, and exchanges.
We are here to help you.

Shipping options to Australia:
Air International Parcel - Untracked NZ$15
Air Courier Parcel - Tracked NZ$25

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